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M.A., Registered Investment Advisor, Fee-Only

My professional publications and blogs at The Pursuit of Financial Happiness ™ have been recognized, linked, and republished by Economist's View, naked capitalism,
Credit Writedowns, and Advisor Perspectives, among others, as well as academically cited.
I do my own macroeconomic and financial research and I do not portray third party information as my own.

Under Illinois Law ((215 ILCS 5/500-15)) it is a Class 4 Felony to give insurance advice/analysis without an insurance license whether one sells or not. An Investment Advisor Representative, whether fee-only or not, has a direct fiduciary duty to provide such an analysis and/or advice in retirement, financial, and estate planning and such advice is not incidental. Beware if any “fee-only” advisor tells you otherwise. You should report them to the Illinois Department of Insurance, the appropriate State's Attorney, and the Illinois Attorney General.

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I do tax planning. I do not have the time to do tax preparation.


"financial advisers" who use tax preparation to identify and establish an affinity relationship with financial sales prospects.

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Please understand my efforts would be far more thorough and rigorous.

My professional publications and blogs can be found at The Pursuit of Financial Happiness ™.
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