Michael J. Schussele, C.P.A. The Pursuit of Financial Happiness ®

M.A., Registered Investment Advisor, Fiduciary, Fee-Only

My professional publications and blogs at The Pursuit of Financial Happiness ™ have been recognized, linked, and republished by Economist's View, naked capitalism,
Credit Writedowns, and Advisor Perspectives, among others, as well as academically cited.
I do my own macroeconomic and financial research and I do not portray third party information as my own.

Under Illinois Law ((215 ILCS 5/500-15)) it is a Class 4 Felony to give insurance advice/analysis without an insurance license whether one sells or not. An Investment Advisor Representative, whether fee-only or not, has a direct fiduciary duty to provide such an analysis and/or advice in retirement, financial, and estate planning and such advice is not incidental. Beware if any fiduciary and/or fee-only advisor tells you otherwise. You should report them to the Illinois Department of Insurance, the appropriate State's Attorney, and the Illinois Attorney General.

Michael J. Schussele is a nationally and internationally recognized business management and financial consultant with over 20 years of experience consulting with individuals and small business owners planning retirement, planning estates, and business continuation planning and over 30 years of experience working with international, national, and regional companies, as well as governmental agencies, to problem solve, efficiently plan and evaluate, and improve their financial condition.

Michael is the co-author of two technical books and the author/co-author of numerous natuionally and internationally published professional articles on problem solving with respect to organizational planning, program planning, program evaluation, citizen participation planning, human needs planning, curriculum planning, and total quality management.

Michael was granted his Certified Public Accountant certificate from the University of Illinois. His Chartered Senior Financial Planner certification was earned through education and testing. His Registered Financial Consultant certificate was earned through education and experience in lieu of testing. His Master's Degree was the first Individual Option (Economic Social Change) graduate degree granted by the University of Illinois-Springfield (SSU). He received his B.A. degree in two years at Shimer College. Michael was an original part-time faculty/staff member of the SIU School of Medicine developing its curriculum.

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