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My professional publications and blogs at The Pursuit of Financial Happiness ™ have been recognized, linked, and republished by Economist's View, naked capitalism,
Credit Writedowns, and Advisor Perspectives, among others, as well as academically cited.
I do my own macroeconomic and financial research and I do not portray third party information as my own.

Under Illinois Law ((215 ILCS 5/500-15)) it is a Class 4 Felony to give insurance advice/analysis without an insurance license whether one sells or not. An Investment Advisor Representative, whether fee-only or not, has a direct fiduciary duty to provide such an analysis and/or advice in retirement, financial, and estate planning and such advice is not incidental. Beware if any fiduciary and/or fee-only advisor tells you otherwise. You should report them to the Illinois Department of Insurance, the appropriate State's Attorney, and the Illinois Attorney General.

Business Consulting

Our Business Management is centered around problem solving which has a direct and measurable effect on the bottomline. We do not do Hoorah or template solutions. Besides general problem solving, we provide assistance in employee benefits planning, buy/sell planning, inventory control, and sales management.

We provide what we call a Deming Letter which provides the per hour charge, the problem idientified by the client, the minimum monthly fee/retainer, and allows either party to cancel the contract without cause with 24 hours notice. We do not spin wheels and collect money; we are oriented towards getting things done. We sometimes find the problem has not been well identified and does not want to be addressed. It is best to withdraw. All clients are absolutely confidential.

Our Get It Done Problem Solving directly involves the client in the process and the solution, because it is their business and their responsibility to implement.

1) The perceived problem is evaluated and identified.
2) Projects are then defined in terms of measurable improvements in bottomline results.
3) Project scope is determine by assessing what the client will be willing and able to absorb and implement.
4) Projects are divided into steps to produce rapid results and to gain experience that enables further progress.
5) Client and consultant work together as partners at every stage of the project.
6) Consultant provides focused support to client teams who take major responsibility for the project.

The per hour fee is based on the size of the company and the perceived problem and reflects the quality of our services.

If you own a business or are in charge of the financial management of a company and you have a 401(k) program for employees, you are a fiduciary under the law. No one can relieve you of that legal responsibility. If you need fiduciary consulting with respect to the 401(k) plan and advice available to or given to employees, I would have to render such services as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) of which I am an absolute fiduciary financial advisor with no conflicts of interest.

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